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Welcome to Art by Nathalie!

Art has always been my passion. With a background in Fine Art and Graphic Design, I've honed my skills over time to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also emotionally impactful.

However, it wasn't until I started incorporating mindfulness and self-expression into my work that I found my true calling.

In addition to my personal artwork, I facilitated painting workshops and fundraisers for seven years. During this time, I saw firsthand how art can bring people together and inspire them to create something beautiful.


It was during these workshops that I noticed the unique effect my art had on women. My uplifting illustrations and messages of empowerment really resonated with my audience.

This realization inspired me to launch my KDP publishing business, where I create coloring books and guided journals specifically designed for women.


My goal is to provide a space for women to relax, reflect, and tap into their own creativity. Through my art and writing, I aim to uplift and encourage women to embrace their individuality and unique talents.

My art has won awards and is exhibited in galleries, doctors' offices, salons, and medical buildings. I'm proud that it enriches people's lives.

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